Using Auto Order for groups of customers

Auto order works by creating individual orders for groups of customers. Customers can be given the option to change the products in their order. Customers can also cancel their order before the order window closes if 'Allow customer to edit their order' is selected in the form setup page.

With Auto Order, each customer will receive a custom link to the order that was created for them. The Harvest and Pack pages will be updated with the generated orders and these amounts will update if a customer changes their order before the order window closes. 

Auto Order and Auto Pay can be used together to manage a CSA by creating orders for customers (from no choice to free choice) and then deducting the order total from their credit amount using Auto Pay.

Before you can use Auto Order, you need to:

  1. Have at least one CSA group
  2. Create an online order form

To use Auto Order:

  1. Open the Online Order Form you want to use to create orders for your customer groups
  2. Click on the letter icon
  3. Select the CSA groups to send the form to
  4. Create the email subject
  5. Add the email text
  6. Customize the text that will be hyperlinked to the customer's form
  7. Click 'Auto Order'
  8. Set the amounts to order for each customer. Crop units that are not required can be changed by the customer if editing orders are allowed.
  9. Click 'Next' and review your order; click the 'x' to return to the previous screen to make adjustments
  10. Click 'Send & Order' when ready.