About CSA Credit

Selling credit to your customers is the fastest way to simplify payment and reduce costs. 

When recording payment on the Orders list (the first tab when you click Orders in the nav bar) you can select 'CSA Credit' as the payment method. This will deduct the order total from the customer's credit balance. A negative credit balance is allowed. 

To view the credit balance of your customers, go to the customers page.

Combining CSA Credit with Auto Pay in VeggieCropper reduces the time needed to track payments for your CSA.   

Three steps to setting up & using CSA credit:

Step 1 - Create a CSA credit unit:

  1. Click on the ... More menu next to your initials and select Units
  2. Select 'Credit Units'
  3. Select + Credit Unit and complete the details. After saving, you can add a photo to a credit unit.

Credit Unit Fields

  1. Credit Unit Name - This is the name of the broad category like 'CSA Share'
  2. Unit Type - This is the sub-category like 'Small' or 'Large'
  3. Price per Unit - This is the price the customer will pay and the amount of credit that will go into their account
  4. Description - The description will show with the unit on the online order form
  5. Add Image - Each credit unit can have one photograph that is shown beside the unit on the form and enlarges when clicked

Step 2 - Sell the CSA credit unit:

Credit units will appear at the bottom of your units list in the crop unit drop-down on online order forms or Orders page. Credit units can be sold along side crop units.

Online Order Form

You can create an online order form that includes credit units that customers can purchase by adding credit units. Credit units appear in the units drop down with *on either side of the unit name*

Order form

You can manually add a CSA credit units to a customer by creating an order, assigning the customer, and adding the CSA credit unit from the drop down. The credit unit can only be a pack amount.

Step 3 - Taking payment using CSA credit units

To take payment for CSA credit:

  1. Click Orders
  2. Select 'Balance Due' for the order that includes the credit unit
  3. Add the payment and payment method for the credit unit
  4. Click Save

Taking payment for credits, vegetables and products at the same time

The CSA credit units can be purchased with products in the same order. When processing payment, the credit price is included in the total order value. This allows products in the order to be paid for with credit that was purchased with that order. For orders that combine products and credit purchases, you need to create a payment for the credit amount, and then add another payment for the products that uses CSA credit.

If additional products were purchased with this order:

  1. Click the updated 'Balance Due'
  2. Add an additional payment using 'CSA Credit' as the payment method. 
  3. Click Save
  4. Click on 'Paid' to see the remaining credit and credit used as well as the payment for the credit for this order.