The Customers page is on the more ... menu drop-down beside your initials in the top right.  This page lists all your customers and allows you to add more details to a customer and filter them by name or group.

A Customer can be a specific Customer like 'Alice's Restaurant' or a specific person like 'Isaac Newton'. Customers can also be more general like 'Saturday Market' or 'Summer CSA'.  

Adding details to a customer like email and phone number will show as active links on the Customers page you were just on, giving you a simple contact list of customers.

There are four ways to add customers in VeggieCropper:

  1. From customers page by clicking ' + Customer'.
  2. Creating an Order
  3. When a customer completes an online order form for the first time
  4. Adding a customer when creating a sales projection

Field descriptions on the customers page:

Name - This can be a company name and is used as the name listed on the "Customers" page.

Contact name - This is intended to be the actual 

Groups - You can add this customer to one or multiple groups. Read more on the Groups help doc page here. These groups act like tags where you can tag a customer with a location, customer type, CSA share type etc.

Grouping customers is essential for using the CSA add-on tool Auto Order in "Online order form". Placing auto orders will automatically place orders (and create the relevant harvests and packs) for each customer and is used to create CSA boxes that can be customizable or not.

Deleting customers

Select a customer from the Customers page and click the trashcan icon. When you delete a customer, you will lose every projection, order, and harvest associated with them.