Using projections to auto-generate plantings

'Create plantings from projections' is an advanced tool to help you create planting schedules based on projected sales. The advantage of crop planning based on sales projections is that you are growing exactly what you think you can sell. 

This is a big step towards limiting waste and increasing farm efficiency but it depends on the predictable yields of a grower with a few years under their belt. 

Step 1 - Add a sales projection for that crop

Step 2 - Auto-Generate plantings from projections:

  1. When you are ready to have VeggieCropper create your plantings, select the crop
    1. Consider whether to delete or keep any plantings you have so far. VeggieCropper will add additional plantings to any existing plantings you have already
  2. Click 'Edit plantings'
  3. With sales projections associated with that crop you will now see the button 'Create plantings from sales projections'
    1. Complete 'Weeks until harvest' and 'Weeks of harvest'
    2. Add varieties as needed (save time adding them now vs later)
    3. Click 'Generate'

Now you can adjust plantings by adjusting the bed feet to fit your bed lengths and allow for some safety factor. Rounding up is a good idea on this front.  Also consider adding two plantings together and deleting one as needed, few crops need to be planted every week.

How does VeggieCropper Generate Plantings from Projections?

VeggieCropper uses each Crop Unit's yield data and sales projections, along with 'Weeks to harvest' and 'Weeks of harvest', to generate a Planting schedule that perfectly matches your projected sales target.

Succession Builder and and Generate Plantings from Projections both add plantings to your crop. You need to manually delete duplicate or unwanted plantings one by one.