About Sales Projections List Page

After adding Sales projections to a crop unit (learn more here) you can view all of your sales Projections in filterable list.

To access the Sales Projections List:

  1. Go to the ... More menu dropdown beside your initials and click 'Units'
  2. Select a unit that has a Sales projection (or add one
  3. Look to the bottom of that unit page and select 'View Sales Projections List'

This will take you to a pre-filtered list of your sales projections for this unit. You can adjust and reset the filters to see all of your sales projections or any combination of customer, weeks and units. 

This list is fully sortable and includes an aggregated list view using the group button beside the calculator. You can quickly access Totals for your current view by clicking on the Calculator icon or the group button to see totals by crop unit.  

Totals in the calculator will allow you to see bed feet and sales totals broken down by any combination of crops, units, and weeks. 

Another advantage of adding Sales Projections is that once created, you have the ability to quickly and easily generate an entire crop plan based on your sales targets. This means you can grow exactly what you can sell with less waste and more precision.  

Each 'Projection' listed on the Sales Projections List represents the weekly sale of that crop unit to a specific customer. These projections are based on adding a sales projection to a unit. 

Projections allows you to quickly see the gross sales you will get from a crop across any combination of dates, customers and different units for that crop.

Once you create sales projections, VeggieCropper can calculate plantings to match your sales projections by creating plantings for the number of bed feet you need to plant and when to have the amount of harvest needed to meet your sales projections across all of the different units assigned to that crop.