Creating Sales Projections on Unit Pages

After adding a unit make sure that it is associated with a crop. Then you can add a sales projection for this unit and see the total expected sales for that unit combined with other units you add sales projections for. 

You can also use sales projections to have VeggieCropper calculate and create your plantings for you so your plantings will grow the correct bed feet that will be ready for harvest at the correct time to meet your projected sales for any combination of units and dates and customers.

To add a sales projection for a unit:

  1. Check or add you have added the crop you want to create a unit for
  2. Go to the More ... menu beside your initials in the top right of the screen
  3. Click on Units
  4. Click + Unit
  5. Add a unit name and type, you must assign a crop to this unit. Click Save
  6. Go to the bottom of Click on + Projection which will now appear at the bottom of the page
  7. Fill in the projection to represent what you plant to sell for that unit and click Save.
  8. Click on 'View Sales Projections List' to see a filtered list of sales projections for that crop

Field descriptions:

'Customer' - This is the customer you project to sell to.  This could be a specific customer or a Market or a CSA.  Customers can be added here or managed on the Customer page.

'Start Week ... End Week' - The start and end weeks of this projected sales period.

'Units/wk' - The average number of units you project to sell each week