Succession Builder

Build crop successions quickly and easily:

  1. Select a crop on the Crops list.
  2. Click + Planting
    1. If you have existing plantings, new plantings will be added on top of existing plantings.
  3. At the bottom of the plantings modal, click 'Create succession plantings'.
  4. All of the fields in succession builder are required:
    1. 'Field date range' is the first and the last planting dates of your planned succession  
    2. 'Bed ft. / planting' is the number of bed feet you would like for each planting
    3. 'Wks to harvest' is (Field date to first harvest date/7)  
    4. 'Weeks between plantings' is used to determine the frequency of your plantings and can also be considered 'Weeks of harvest'. VeggieCropper will schedule plantings the 'Weeks between plantings' apart to create a consistent succession and planned harvest for your crop. 

      *This is a great time to add varieties so that they are assigned to every planting you create.

  5. Click 'Create plantings'
  6. All of the created plantings can be customized, tweaked or added to. Remember to save any changes.
  7. Check out your plantings graph, the lighter shaded areas are weeks of harvest.