Managing a CSA in VeggieCropper

VeggieCropper offers flexible options to manage any type of CSA. You can offer your members no choice all the way to full choice.  You can also run your CSA while selling wholesale and offering share add-ons using multiple Online Order Forms at once.

This guide is the next step after your members have signed up with VeggieCropper (no logins required).

Once your customers are in groups, you can email them from VeggieCropper with an individual link that shows them the contents of their share and the choices available (if any) with a box for farm photos and newsletter-type information.

You can use VeggieCropper to manage any CSA model from No Choice to all choice:

If your CSA is flexible, member choices can be controlled by combining any of the following options:

  • Require some units and not others
  • Give members a choice to cancel their share by a deadline
  • Offering customizable shares that can include off-farm add-ons  
  • Set a maximum number of each item for each share
  • Set a minimum and/or maximum number of total items chosen for the share
  • Set a minimum share total value amount before the share can be finalized 
  • Use 'Auto Pay ' to automatically deduct payment for a share from customer credit
  • Give different combinations of choices to different groups of members

Get Going with 1 on 1 Support

If you haven't booked a phone or video call with Harris yet to check out VeggieCropper's CSA features, book one here and we can cover your questions and see if VeggieCropper's CSA add-on is a good fit for your farm. Or email

When it comes to farming software, there are only good questions.