About Auto Pay

Auto Pay deducts order totals from customer credit as soon as the order is placed when Auto Pay is toggled on the form setup page (clicking the pencil icon from an online order form page).

Each customer has a credit account in VeggieCropper. As soon as credit is used it comes out of this account. When Auto Pay is enabled, the credit is taken from the customer's account as soon as the order is placed and updated if the order is changed automatically. Learn more about customer credit here.

If there is no credit in the account, a negative balance will show for this customer, viewable on the Customers page in the ... More menu.

Auto Pay works by taking credit from the email address used to place the order. When a credit is purchased or a sales order is placed, it is associated with an email address.

Using Auto Pay with Online Order Form

  1. Setup and launch your Online Order Form.
  2. Select 'Auto pay with Customer Credit' is enabled on the Online Order Form Settings page accessible from an existing online order form by clicking on the pencil icon.
  3. Click 'Save'

Once orders are placed for this form, that customer profile (based on the email used for the form) will be 'charged'. The charge against the customer's credit will occur as soon as the order is placed - manually by the customer from the Online Order Form as soon as 'Order & Send' is clicked using Auto-Order.

What happens when a customer runs out of credit?

The remaining credit will be used and a customer will see a negative balance on their order confirmation page and in the email they receive after placing the order. Current customer credit balances can be seen on the Customers list. Customers can purchase more credit on an online order form.