About Customers

You can find the Customers list by clicking on the More... menu at the top of the screen and then clicking Customers.

The Customers list is a list of all of your current Customers for your Season. A Customer can be a specific Customer like 'Alice's Restaurant' or a specific person like 'Isaac Newton'. Customers can also be more general like 'Saturday Market' or 'Summer CSA'.  

Clicking on a Customer's name allows you to edit their name and also provides additional fields, including email, phone number and notes. Email and phone fields appear hyperlinked in the Customers List, allowing you to click these links and contact the customer directly.

Deleting a customer

If you delete a customer, you will lose every projection, order, and harvest associated with them! 

Creating Customers

There are five ways customers are created and show up on this page:

1) Manually on the Customers Page

Customers can be added by clicking '+ Customer' or can also be added on the fly from within any Harvest form or when adding sales projections on any unit-specific page under from the Units page in the more ... menu on the nav. 

2) Manually when creating a new Harvest

You can add customers on the fly when you create a new harvest form by clicking +Harvest on the Harvest page. Adding a customer here will create a basic customer profile that you can edit and add more details from the Customers page.

3) Manually, when a customer completes an online order form

Depending on the form's setup, a new customer may have added the address and phone number. Every customer from an online order form will have an e-mail address connected to their account

4) Automatically, when orders are imported into harvests

Every CSV import into Harvests that includes individual customers will create customer profiles for each of those customers. Learn more about importing orders into harvests.

5) Manually, when you create a crop projection for a crop unit

You can create sales projections in VeggieCropper and use these sales projections to generate plantings that match with one click. Each sales projection is assigned to an existing or new customer. Learn more about using sales projections for crop planning.