Customer Groups

The customer groups page is located on the Customers page. Go to the more ... menu in the top right and click on Customers, then click on Groups.

Adding your customers to groups keeps them organized and makes it easier to communicate with them. Having customer groups is important when using online order form and customer credit as online order forms can only be sent to groups of customers. Groups is one of the tools needed to manage your CSA with VeggieCropper.

Examples of groups are: customer type, pickup location, small share, or large share. One customer can belong to many groups.

There are two ways to create a customer group:

  1. On the fly from the customers page, click the groups field and type in the group name you want to assign. If it doesn't exist it will be added as a group.
  2. You can create a group manually on the groups page by clicking + Group. This group will appear in the groups field on the customers page.