Adding a Harvest

The Harvest form is how you get both a harvests and/or a pack into VeggieCropper. By using Harvests in VeggieCropper you can take control of your harvest station, improve communication, and get more efficient and organized in one of the areas on your farm that matters most. 

How to Create An Order and a Harvest:

  1. Click 'Harvests' in the navbar to get to the Harvests Page
  2. Click '+ Harvest'
  3. Add or select a Customer
  4. Choose a date (this date is used to prioritize harvest and pack items with other harvests)
  5. Select a Crop Unit from the drop-down or click + Create new unit (ex Carrot - Bunch $4.00)
  6. Fill in the order amount.  This is the amount you plan to sell
  7. Fill in the harvest amount.  This is the amount to harvest to meet this order
  8. To use this form for a harvest only, leave the order amount blank.  Conversely, to use this form for just orders and packing you would leave the harvest amount blank.
  9. Add a note if needed. This note appears on the Orders page
  10. Click 'Save'
  11. Once an Order form is saved you can access your Harvest and Pack lists by clicking on 'Harvests' in the navbar.  

Harvest forms can also be printed as a market sales sheet or a packing slip.

Clicking the pencil or $ icons allow you to edit form details and also track payment.

Note: The asterisk beside crop units in the dropdown indicates that the unit is connected to a crop. This is an advanced feature used to create sales projections.