About the Units Page

You can find the Units list by clicking on the More... menu at the top of the screen.

The Units page lists all of the units in the system used for crop planning and/or for Orders, Harvests, and Packs. Each unit on the units page has many optional and detailed fields, described below.

The Units page will show all of the units added from:

  • Using the + Unit button on the page
  • Harvest form - by creating a new unit for an order while in the order
  • Order import - When an order is imported it automatically creates units as needed

There are two places to add units: 

  1. On the harvest form by clicking 'create new unit'
  2. On the units page by clicking +Unit

Fields for each Unit:

Unit name - This is usually the crop, i.e. Carrot but can also be Sauerkraut.

Unit type - Common examples include Bunch, Pint, Lb, Bag.  This is the only required field to use the unit in Harvests and Orders

Price per unit - Allows for detailed crop planning and sales totals on the Projections page (Navbar more menu > Projections)

Crop association - This optional field is only required when creating sales projections for the unit and when using 'Create plantings from projections'.

Units per bed ft - Used in crop planning and harvest calculations

Lbs. per unit - Used in crop planning and harvest calculations

Description - The unit description appears with the unit when used in an online order form

Add Image - This field appears once a unit is saved. When an image file is uploaded that image will appear in the online order form as well as in the units list. When the image is clicked a full version of the image will popup in the browser window.