About the Harvests Page

Find this page by clicking on Harvests at the top of the screen.

The harvests page is where you can view, add or edit a Harvest as well as find Packs Summary and Sales tabs.

If you are getting started, click on + Harvest to add a harvest. This will populate every tab with the details of your harvest and you can see Harvests in action.

There is a lot happening on the Harvests page, here is a breakdown:


Forms icon - A list of uncompleted and completed harvest forms

Harvests - A summary of the harvests on the Current tab grouped by crop unit. 

Packs - A summary of the packs on the Current tab grouped by crop unit.

Current -  Uncompleted harvests and packs 

All - All completed & uncompleted harvests and packs 

Sales - completed & uncompleted harvests and packs with sales information


Calculator - This displays a pop-up with totals for the orders currently listed. If you use a filter, the calculator totals are for your filtered results.

Group - Groups harvests and packs by the crop unit and gives totals for bed feet, lbs, expected and actual.

Download cloud - Download your orders list into a CSV or PDF file

Import icon - Opens a window to import orders from any platform or by a custom VeggieCropper CSV

Online Order Forms - Online Order Forms list where you can create and manage simple online order forms. These forms, when completed by customers, create orders that show on the orders page.