Importing orders with VeggieCropper's CSV template

Uploading your spreadsheet or CSV to VeggieCropper is easy; all that is needed is to rename existing fields or add new fields to make sure you have all of the required column names listed below
Then save your new CSV (any filename will do) and click Import on the Orders page more menu drop down and upload your file. 

Here is a blank google doc spreadsheet with instructions thatyou can copy to your account and use as a template.

Run amuck? Don't hesitate to reach out for help by email or booking a one on one call.

Required column names must be included in the first row of the CSV. 

Column Name Details
One email permitted per row, can be left blank
This is the invoice or order number.  
Date Format: YYYY-MM-DD
Pack amount   
Any single number
Customer name         
First and last name together
This includes the crop name: "Pansies - bunch". Value-added products could be "Jam - small jar". 
Price Format: X.XX
Payment date Format: YYYY-MM-DD
Payment due by 
Format: YYYY-MM-DD
Payment amount Format: $X.XX
Location Can be any value: On-Farm, West End

Price and payment formatting

For entering in the price, avoid allowing the spreadsheet to format the cell as currency because it does not export to CSV properly.

If you run into an error on price formatting, remove the $ from the price and format the cell as a number

Google docs seem to be the easiest and most forgiving when cutting and pasting data to create the VeggieCropper CSV.