Using discounts with Online Order Form

The easiest way to create discounts for your customers or members is by duplicating an existing crop unit and adding 'discount' or 'CSA' to the unit name with an updated price. You can also create units with a negative value that can be added my customers or yourself manually to existing orders, for example, you could offer $5 off if you spend more than $50.

Discounts for CSA members

There are two approaches here:

  1. Create separate CSA units with CSA as the prefix to the unit name and use a discounted price for these units. Make your CSA orders with this unit and use regular units for other online sales.
  2. Create a minimum order spend required that includes the discount you will give your members. If each share value must exceed $30, make your minimum order set to $25. Tell your members that $30 is the minimum share value. And include this in your email to them as well as the first text box on the order settings page.
  3. Add your discount to your minimum order spend. If you offer a $5 discount, use a negative price for the discount unit and make the unit required on the form setup page with a maximum order of 1. This will force this unit to apply to each share.
    1. Order the discount unit at the bottom of the form
    2. The customer will see the discount on their order confirmation email

To apply a discount for a minimum order spend for online customers:

  1. After the order window closes, open your Online Order Form set-up page
  2. Add a unit called 'Over $50 order discount' and price it at $-5. You can now add this unit to individual orders.
  3. Goto the Harvests page
  4. Select the order with a total above $50
  5. Click edit order
  6. Add a discount unit to the order x 1
  7. Click 'Save'

The customer will receive an order update confirmation that shows their new total with the discount applied.