About the Tasks Page

You can find your Task lists by clicking on Tasks at the top of the screen. These lists all you to organize all of the field, one-off or recurring tasks on your farm.

The first tab you see is the summary tab which groups current tasks with the same name. Current tasks are any tasks that have not been completed yet and are scheduled for the current week.

The second tab is the current tab, this is an ungrouped listing of all of the tasks on the summary page. The current tab allows you to assign tasks to crew members and create customized todo lists and organize tasks with finer details. Most people start on the summary tab.

The third tab is the all tab, this is an ungrouped listing of all tasks past, present, future, completed or not. 

The current all tabs are fully sortable and include custom filters, you can see tasks grouped by type by clicking the group button, and get quick access to totals by clicking on the Calculator icon. The summary and calculator icons are beside each other and respond to whatever the current combination of filters is.

Tasks are created in three ways: 

  1. The appropriate Direct seed, Greenhouse Seed & Transplant tasks are automatically created for each Planting 
  2. Automatically generated Crop Tasks are created for each Planting using the Tasks listed on the Tasks tab on a crop-specific page
  3. One-off and recurring Tasks can be added using the '+ Task' button on the Tasks page 

About Summary Task tab:

The  Summary tab shows current uncompleted Tasks grouped by the task name.

Click on the task name to go to the current tab with all of the tasks with the same name listed. This can allow you to partially complete a task. Say you were headed out to hoe 4 beds of beets and 3 beds of carrots and you only got the carrots done. You can click Hoe on the summary page and then click off the carrot beds on current leaving the beet beds. The summary page will update to only show 4 more beds of the beets left to hoe.

Grouped tasks can be drag and dropped to rearrange their order. 

The order is recorded in VeggieCropper to help automatically organize that task relative to other tasks the next time it comes around.

About Current and All Task tabs:

The Current tab shows any uncompleted Task from the current week or older.  This is the default view and is sorted by Task Priority.

The All tab includes all Tasks both complete and uncompleted. 'All' Tasks are sorted by week first and then Priority.

Priority - You can change priority for a task by clicking on the small circle on the right (Learn more here).

Notes & Comments - You can add and edit notes and comments for individual tasks from the Current and All tabs (Learn more here).

Assign Crew - You can assign crew members to specific tasks from the All and Current task tabs by clicking the ... more icon on the right of the task (Learn more here).

How to add a Task manually:
One-off and recurring Tasks can be scheduled using the '+ Task' button on the Tasks page. Examples of one-off and recurring tasks might be: Oil change tractor, Send wholesale availability for the week, Order row cover
Manual Tasks are not scheduled by the Planting week but can be assigned to any week and can also be scheduled on a recurring basis like a typical calendar event.
  1. From the Tasks List, click the '+ Task' button 
  2. Add a Task name
  3. To add a one-off task simply fill in the Week and any other optional fields you'd like such as category, crew or priority. 
  4. To add a recurring task, click recurring and add your Start week and End week along with the Frequency.  This will create a new Task for each week as determined by the Date range and Frequency.
  5. Click 'Save'

'Task' - The name of your Task.  Short and simple is usually best.

'Priority' - Sets the default priority level in Tasks List. Setting default priority levels help automatically organize your task lists. You can read more here.

'Week' - The week of your Task.  

'Date range' (if recurring) - The start week and end week of your recurring Task

'Frequency' (if recurring) - The frequency of your recurring Task.  Ex Weekly, Every 2 Weeks

'Category' - Task category.  Allows you to take advantage of Task filters for maximum organization.

'Crew' - Assign a crew member to the Task

'Actual Minutes' - Record how long the Task took to complete. 

More on Tasks:

Each Task can be quickly edited, prioritized and marked complete on this page.  

To mark a Task complete, click the large circle on the left side of the screen (A red circle indicates the Task is overdue).  Completed Tasks will be 'stamped' with the user name and time, and removed from the current Tasks page (on re-load) but can be seen under Tasks > 'All' 

Each Task can have a unique Note attached to it. To edit or add a Note, click on the speech icon on the right side of the list. Make the Note and click save.  If a Note is present the speech icon will change colour and be filled in with lines.

You can assign a crew member, or keep track of time spent by using the bulk edit feature or individually by clicking the 3 dots to the far right of each row.

Sometimes you get ahead of your task list, this is a good thing! If this is the case you can move Tasks from 'All' to 'Current'...

  1. On the Tasks page by clicking the dotted more icon on the right to display the popup (as above)
  2. Select 'Move to current tasks?' above the trashcan and click 'Save'