Clicking 'Tasks' shows you your current Tasks based on your crop plan (and additional tasks if you have added them). Tasks is available with the Grow add on.

To see all of your tasks for the season click the more icon beside Tasks and select 'Tasks - All'. This page is filterable. Click here to learn how to use filters.

Tasks are created in three ways: 

  1. Direct seed, Greenhouse Seed & Transplant tasks are automatically created for each Planting you add.
  2. Custom Crop Tasks can be created for a crop by clicking the more menu on a crop specific page and then clicking 'Tasks'.
  3. One-off and recurring Tasks can be added using the '+ Task' button on the Tasks page.

How to add a +Task that is not connected to a crop:

One-off and recurring Tasks can be scheduled using the '+ Task' button on the Tasks page. Examples of one-off and recurring tasks might be: Oil change tractor, Send wholesale availability for the week, Order row cover
Manual Tasks are not scheduled by the Planting week but can be assigned to any week and can also be scheduled on a recurring basis like a typical calendar event.
  1. From the Tasks List, click the '+ Task' button 
  2. Add a Task name
  3. To add a one-off task simply fill in the Week and any other optional fields you'd like such as category, crew or priority. 
  4. To add a recurring task, click recurring and add your Start week and End week along with the Frequency.  This will create a new Task for each week as determined by the Date range and Frequency.
  5. Click 'Save'

'Task' - The name of your Task.  Short and simple is usually best.

'Week' - The week of your Task.  

'Date range' (if recurring) - The start week and end week of your recurring Task

'Frequency' (if recurring) - The frequency of your recurring Task.  Ex Weekly, Every 2 Weeks