About the Subscriptions page, unsubscribing and resubscribing

The subscriptions page can is located in the Initials Dropdown on the right side of the nav bar.

Subscribing to Tasks+ or Harvests+ is easy.

To subscribe:

  • Select 'Subscribe'
  • Select your preferred plan
  • Enter your credit card information - Done!
  • If you are in the Signup free period, payment is processed at the end date of this period and then on that day each month after that. 
To change subscription plans:
  1. Select 'Change plan'.
  2. Select your new plan.
  3. Payment will automatically update and a pro-rated credit will show if available when changing between any plans.

You can also cancel your subscription & delete your account from this page.

We keep your data for a minimum of two years (and likely much longer). You can get rolling in Tasks or Orders anytime by resubscribing when you are ready.

We built our subscriptions so you can subscribe and unsubscribe as needed.  Order for 6 months of the year? Pay for 7 months. Use tasks for 7 months, pay for 7 months and have more fun!


Your invoices will be listed at the bottom of the Account page after each payment is processed. Invoices can be downloaded as a PDF, viewed online or printed.