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Get up and running fast with all the support you want. 

Click the question mark icon in the top right of the screen for guides or to ask a question, all without leaving the page.

When the question mark icon is clicked, suggested articles appear related to the page you are on in a dropdown.

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Submitting questions by email or chat

If you don't find what you need right away, ask us!  Helping farmers like you is one of the best parts of running VeggieCropper. 

  • Click the 'Ask' option at the top of the screen to connect with Live Chat if we are online or send an e-mail anytime.  
  • We can usually reply to e-mails pretty quickly during typical business hours. We do our best and are available on weekends.
  • See the previous conversations by clicking on the title at the bottom of the window
  • Or just drop us a line at

Connect One-On-One:

You have as many one-on-one sessions as needed to get VeggieCropper working for you. 

VeggieCropper has something for every season so you might find you want more help in the spring to set up Tasks and then later in the summer another appointment to setup Harvests and Orders. 

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