How to use Filters and Sorting

Filters and Sorts are the tools of choice for organizing everything into manageable lists. 

Filters are flexible and powerful. They allow you to drill down and get useful insight into all aspects of your farm.

How to use Filters and Sorting

Filters differ depending on the list page you are on but they all function the same.  

  1. Select at least one filter value from the dropdown of your choice (Task, Category, Crop, Unit, etc.) 
  2. The list will automatically adjust to your selection showing ONLY the rows that match the criteria you selected in the filter.  You can stack as many filters as you'd like.

    Note:*If you make any edits to a line you need to click the magnifying glass to update the list
  3. To sort, select a 'Sort' from the dropdown to arrange the displayed results in a particular order
  4. Done!