The Seasons list is the default landing page when you log into your Account.  You can also find the Seasons list by clicking on either the VeggieCropper logo or by clicking on the current Season's name on the top left of your screen.

Consider a season like a file folder and contains all of the Crops, Fields, Tasks, Orders for that Season. 

The only things that are not specific to a season are your Account and Farm Details pages, as well as Crew (the other users who are linked to this account).

How to Duplicate a Season:

Duplicating Seasons makes crop planning a breeze from year to year.

When a Season is duplicated all of the season-specific information is copied with it except for orders and related harvests if you use Orders   

Seasons can be duplicated using the same dates or by adding one year to all of the Planting and Task dates.  

To duplicate a season, click on the pencil icon and then click the duplicate season icon beside the trashcan for Manager and Owner accounts.

Depending on how big your Season is, duplication can take several minutes to complete.  

How to Delete a Season:

Click the pencil and then the trashcan to delete a Season. This is a permanent decision and deletes all records associated with that season with all crew and user-specific information.

How to add Season Notes:

This is a place for anything you want to add. Text, pictures and links are common. 

An advanced feature is to copy Filter Links from a list page (on the list page click to display all filters, select filters, and click the small link icon). 

You can paste that link anywhere (emails, documents), including season notes providing a custom dashboard of links to specific views you frequently use.  

To get the custom link: In any list, apply any filters and sort that you want - Click the more down arrow beside the magnifying glass and click the link icon, which puts the link to your current list view on your clipboard to be cut and paste anywhere you like. 

Custom links could link to:

  • Greenhouse seeding schedule for the week
  • A list of all tractor (or any task) work for the week
  • A list of all office tasks
  • A list of tasks that have been assigned to each crew member
  • Harvested crops ready to be packed