The Crew page can be found under the user initials dropdown in the top right of the screen for admin and manager users.

This page lists the active users for this account and allows you to add, disable, edit and delete them.

Only the owner's account can change user permissions. 

All users can see any season associated with the account.

How to add a crew member

  1. Log in as the account owner (manager or crew status users cannot invite Crew)
  2. Click the initials menu in the top right
  3. Select 'Crew'
  4. Select '+ Crew'
  5. Complete the form
    1. See below for differences in permission levels for Crew and Manager users
  6. Click 'Save'


  • When a Crew member is added they receive an invite e-mail that allows them to confirm their account and set their password
  • Crew can be given 'Manager' status to change and delete anything in any season

How to disable a crew members account

You can disable a crew member to prevent their access to your account on the Crew page. 

Disabling the account of a crew member will not delete any data. Accounts can be re-enabled with a click.

There are two very important considerations when deleting a crew member:

  1. Only add people you trust as Crew because even at the lowest level of access to your account, a crew user can see and download a lot of information about your farm. See below for user permission details.
  2. Deleting a crew member removes all of the user data for that crew member. Deleting a user will delete the timestamp data associated with that account and any current or past assignments to tasks, harvests or packs.
    1. This is why we have and highly recommend the disable feature.  This allows you to all but delete the user. They will no longer be able to log in but your data will be preserved. 
    2. For example, any tasks completed by that user will remain completed, but any sign of them completing the task will be deleted.   

How to Change User Permissions:

  • To change a Crew member to a manager to give them full access to the account:
    1. Log in as the account owner (manager status users cannot invite or change crew permissions)
    2. Click the initials menu in the top right
    3. Select 'Crew'
    4. Select the crew member
    5. Change the permission level to 'Manager' in the dropdown
    6. Click 'Save'

What is the Difference Between Manager and Crew?

  • Managers:
    • Full access to change, edit, and delete seasons and anything in them and associated with them
    • Cannot add or remove crew members (only account owners)
    • Cannot edit farm details or payment information
    • Can be assigned to any task, harvest or pack like a crew member
    • Can rearrange items on summary tabs
    • Can import orders by CSV


    • Can complete, edit and delete any task, pack or harvest
    • Only sees Orders that have not been completed
    • Cannot edit crop-specific information on crop pages or anything in Fields
    • Cannot see the More dropdown or associated pages from the navbar 
    • Cannot see the Sales tab on the Orders page
    • Cannot add or remove crew members (only account owners)
    • Cannot see or edit farm details or payment information
    • Cannot import orders by CSV