Planting and seeding spreadsheets and exporting

Once you have started creating Plantings for your Crops there are two ways to view your planting and transplanting schedules for a crop:

  1. All accounts can download the planting and seeding schedules by CSV on the Crops page by clicking the more dropdown.
    1. Greenhouse - Transplant seed and potup tasks
    2. Planting Schedule Basic - Field planting dates for direct seed and transplanted crops 
    3. Planting Schedule Detailed - Basic + crop details and every other piece of information

  2. Grow subscribers can go spreadsheet-free and automate record-keeping by using the tasks page.
    1. Don't see any planting tasks on your tasks page? You are all caught up! Click 'Tasks - All' in the more dropdown to see all of your tasks, past, present, and future!
    2. The tasks page only displays current tasks scheduled for this week.