How to see your planting and seeding schedules

Once you have started creating Plantings for your Crops you can see your planting schedules. 

There are two ways to view your planting and transplanting schedules for a crop:

  1. All accounts can download the planting and seeding schedules by CSV on the Crops page.
  2. Tasks+ subscribers can go spreadsheet-free and automate record-keeping by using the tasks page.

A few details on how plantings work in VeggieCropper:

Each Planting you add for a crop automatically creates greenhouse seed, pot-up, transplant or direct seed tasks for the crop. 

Automatically scheduled tasks fall into two task categories: Plant & Greenhouse. 

  • Plant includes Transplant & Direct Seed tasks
  • Greenhouse includes Transplant seed & Pot-up tasks

By understanding categories, you can see all field-related planting or greenhouse tasks by selecting the appropriate category: Plant or Greenhouse in the Category filter in Tasks.


  • To see any Tasks outside of the Current week use the All list tab
  • If a  crop isn't categorized as DS or TP it will appear as a 'plant' task on the schedule csv and in tasks.

There are two ways to view your planting schedules:

With spreadsheets: Download planting schedules (free)

  1. From the Crops page (click in nav-bar), click the download icon
  2. Select the appropriate schedule.
    1. Greenhouse - Transplant seed and potup tasks
    2. Planting Schedule Basic - Field planting dates for direct seed and transplanted crops 
    3. Planting Schedule Detailed - Basic + crop details and every other piece of information

Spreadsheet Free: View Planting Schedules in Tasks (requires Tasks+ subscription):

  1. From a crop-specific page click on the checklist icon at the top of the page to see a filtered view of planting tasks for that crop
  2. If you see plantings or seeding that have already occurred you can click them complete to bring Tasks up to date.

An example of how to work with Tasks: How to View Direct seed Tasks for this Week and Next

  1. Go to Tasks page and click on the All tab
  2. Select Direct Seed in the 'Tasks' field
  3. Click the down arrow beside the magnifying glass to expand the filter view
  4. Select dates for this week and next week in the 'Week' field
  5. Select Todo in the 'Status' field
    1. If your results do not show immediately, click the Magnifying glass to apply the filter

Pro-tip: Link shortcuts to already filtered schedules - Set up Tasks for the view you want with filters and sorts as needed. Then select the down-pointing arrow beside the magnifying glass and select the link icon. This copies a direct link to this page and with pre-loaded filters to your clipboard.

A good place to keep these links as hyperlinks is in the notes for your current season. Find Season notes in the notebook icon beside your season on your seasons page.