About Harvest Plans

You can find the Harvest Plans list by clicking on the More... menu at the top of the screen and then clicking Harvest Plans. Harvest Plans are a list of each planned harvest as determined by your planting schedule and the weeks of harvest you entered for each planting.

If you assign a location for a planting in Fields you can see the locations displayed as well.

There are two tabs on the Harvest Plans page, Current and All.

The Current tab displays what is planned to be harvested for this week based on your crop plan and the weeks of harvest for each planting. 

The All tab displays past, present, and future planned harvests. 

\When the season is in full swing, use Harvest Plans to get instant access to week-to-week harvest availability as determined by your planting schedule. Keep your planting schedule up to date by putting in actual planting dates and then you'll always know what to harvest and when.

Use the any crop specific plantings page to adjust planting details. The Harvest plan updates automatically when you change planting dates or weeks of harvest on the plantings tab.

This list is fully sortable and includes custom filters, an aggregated list view using the Summary button, and quick access to Totals by clicking on the Calculator icon.

Required Fields to get a Harvest Plan

  • Crop > Plantings tab > At least one completed Planting including:
    • 'Field week'
    • 'Bed feet'
    • 'Wks to harvest'
    • 'Wks of harvest'