Crop Tasks

You can find the Crop Tasks list by clicking on the More... menu at the top of the screen and then clicking Crop Tasks. The Crop Tasks List is a list of all of your current Crop Tasks for your Season. 

Crop tasks are generally universal farm tasks that you would apply to multiple different Crop families.  Some examples of Crop Tasks are 'Rototill', 'Hand Weed', 'Prune', 'Cultivate', 'Mulch' etc.

Each Crop Task can be connected to a Planting, once a crop task is included on the Tasks popup (click the more menu beside the crop name on a crop-specific page) this task will appear for each planting on the plantings page of that crop.   

Crop Tasks can be added by clicking '+ Crop Task' on the Crop Tasks List or they can be added on the fly on any crop-specific page under the Tasks popup. 

*Note if you delete a Crop Task you will lose every task (completed and uncompleted task in the system)!