About Crop Tasks Page

The Crop Tasks List is a list of all of your current Crop Tasks for your Season. You can find the Crop Tasks list by clicking on the More... menu at the top of the screen and then clicking Crop Tasks.

Crop tasks are generally universal farm tasks that you would apply to multiple different Crop families.  Some examples of Crop Tasks are 'Rototill', 'Hand Weed', 'Prune', 'Cultivate', 'Mulch' etc.

Crop Tasks can be connected to a Planting, once a crop task is included on the Tasks popup (click the pencil icon) of a crop-specific page it will appear for each planting on the plantings page of that crop.   

Crop Tasks are fully customizable and can be assigned categories, crew members and times. 

Crop Tasks can be added by clicking '+ Crop Task' on the Crop Tasks List or they can be added on the fly on any crop-specific page under the Tasks popup. 

Add an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) type note to appear with this task for reference. These Crop Task Notes can include rich text and video demonstrations or key points to keep your crew (and you) on track with the details. Task Notes can be viewed and edited beside the crop task on the Crop Tasks page.

*Note if you delete a Crop Task you will lose every task (completed and uncompleted task in the system)!

Pro-Tip: Consider use Hat's and Leads instead of peoples names as crew
Depending on your management style and HR situation, if you want more flexibility, have high turnover, or a multitasking crew, consider using assigning tasks to field leads. For example, instead of assigning weeding to 'Ben', create a 'Weeding Lead' as a crew member and assign weeding tasks to that person. Tractor lead, greenhouse lead, these roles can be shuffled amongst staff as required and may provide more flexibility (and clarity) over-focusing on names. 

Note: Only account owners, and can create and control Crew names and accounts.