You can find the Seeds list by clicking on the More... menu at the top of the screen and then clicking Seeds. 

As you enter a crop plan the Seeds list will start populating with varieties that you add to each planting and the number of seeds needed to execute your crop plan.  

Click on the field you want to edit - Variety - Seeds/lb - SF% - Source

  • See grams and oz values by entering 'Seeds/lb'
  • Add item number by clicking on 'Source'
  • This safety factor is in addition to a crop specific transplant and pot-up safety factor

Required fields to populate your Seeds list:

  • Crop > Plantings tab > At least one Planting including:
    • 'Field week'
    • 'Bed feet'
  • Crop > Crop Details:
    • All Crops:
      • 'Rows / bed '
    • Direct Seeded Crops:
      • "Seeds / row ft.'
    • Transplanted Crops:
      • 'In-row spacing'
      • 'Weeks before TP'
      • 'Seeds /cell'
      • 'Cells / flat'
      • 'TP Safety Factor' (optional)
    • Pot-up Crops:
      • 'Weeks to PU'
      • 'PU Cells / Flat'
      • 'PU Safety Factor' (optional)