About Notes on Crops page

Get everyone on the same page with flexible space for crop-specific notes. 

Notes are lined booklet icons that serve best as a field journal and also a place for protocols, SOPs, images or video links for training and short-cuts to crop-specific pages within VeggieCropper. The same note appears every time a task, harvest, or pack is created.

In VeggieCropper, there are Notes and Comments on tasks, harvests, and packs pages:

Empty comment icon on the left, empty notes icon on the right:

Comment icon showing that it has a message on the left,  Notes icon on the right showing there is something to read there:

Comments in VeggieCropper are date specific to one task, harvest, or pack and use the chat icon. Comments are intended for 'commentary' on the task at hand. How it went, conditions, issues that need addressing etc.   

Crop Note

There are two types of notes:

  1. Crop note - A notebook for crop-specific details. Only accessible on the crops page.
  2. Planting note - A note about planting and seeding that appears on the Crops page and the tasks page anytime a direct seed, transplant, plant, or pot-up task occurs for this crop.

Crop notes can be viewed and edited from the crops page only. The notebook icon fills to indicate that there is a note for that crop.You can add pictures, files, rich text, and links to all notes in VeggieCropper. Have fun!

Using Hyperlinks

  • Use the  'http://www.' prefix before a website address to make sure it works
  • Links to specific pages in VeggieCropper can also be put here for quick reference
  • Any list page with filter fields at the top can be linked with pre-loaded filters. To do this:
      1. Set the combination of filters you want
      2. Click the down arrow for more filters 
      3. Click the link (chain) icon (on the right side) to copy the link to your clipboard
      4. Paste this link into a document or as a hyperlink and your done!

Use dates

Include a date with field journal information entries so you can refer to them in the future. Yep, these notes copy when you duplicate this season to start planning next year.