Importing CSA members into VeggieCropper

If you have an existing list of members, you can import it into VeggieCropper as a CSV file.

We suggest including a name and email at a minimum. Learn more about VeggieCropper's import template. You can usually rename the headers in your existing spreadsheet for and import that spreadsheet. VeggieCropper will recognize the headers that match the fields it is looking for when imported.

Take note of the required fields before you can import your CSV.

Consider the following:

  • VeggieCropper has one field for first and last names. You might need to merge your first and last name columns into one column with first and last name. Here is a common formula to do this: =A2&" "&B2
    • Column A is the first name
    • Column B is the last name
  • Drag copy the cell you put the formula in down to the bottom of your member's list
  • Check header names match the VeggieCropper import template
  • Create a product name with a price like 'Import', you can delete this product after the import
  • Use today's date for date
  • Import! (Importing orders with VeggieCropper)