All About Notes and Comments


Comments in VeggieCropper appear on the Tasks, Harvests, and Packs pages are for recording day-to-day details that are time specific.  

A comment on a planting task could be "South end of the field was wet, but we planted anyways, we ran out of good quality plants at the end, could have used 20 more seedlings" 

Comments are about that specific planting task (the same goes for a specific harvest or pack).

Adding or changing a comment in the speech bubble only happens in one place for that task, harvest or pack.

Order Comments appear at the bottom of the order form and show when viewing related harvest and pack comments. 


Whereas notes in VeggieCropper describe how to do the task, harvest or pack specifically.  Notes are used to describe key points about HOW to complete the task, harvest or pack at hand, and the same note appears every time that task, harvest or pack appears.

If you add a planting note for a crop like Carrots, then every time a planting task appears for that crop like 'Direct seed', the same planting note will appear every time the 'Direct seed' task for carrots appears.

The same applies to the Crop unit note, like 'Arugula - Bag 140g'. Every time this crop is harvested, the same note will appear inwith directions about how to harvest and pack / bag arugula. 

Notes can also take attachments one megabyte or less in size and you can embed videos and create live links.

Notes are note editable by Crew accounts with crew status. Manager-level crew accounts can edit notes.  

Other notes:

Season Notes - This note is only accessible for editing or viewing on the seasons page and is a great place to collect thoughts and key tasks. Embedding live links to Tasks, Harvests, Packs pages are great here where you can go to a pre-filtered table in one click from the seasons page.

Crop Notes - These notes stay on the Crops page and can only be edited and viewed from this page.

Field Notes - These notes stay in one spot, accessible on the Fields page. These notes are great places to keep track of soil tests, observations, first tillage dates etc.