Step 6 - Adding and tracking supplies

You are almost ready to relax!

Based on your plantings, VeggieCropper can easily calculate the supplies you need for all of your crops. You can add supplies using the supplies tab on any crop-specific page.

Well done! You hope you have your best crop plan in hand with a seed and supply order to boot.  There are some more advanced tips and techniques you can use to hone your crop plan further. Check out some additional steps and tools available.

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In review:


Step 1 - Adding a crop & crop details

Step 2 - Creating sales projections

Step 3 - Adding plantings

Step 4 - Making it all fit in your fields

Step 5 - Downloading your crop plan

Step 6 - Pulling together your seed order

Step 7 - Adding and tracking supplies

Finished - Additional steps and tools to go further