Import Orders: Download the right CSV format

Often there are lots of different export options for online sales platforms. Getting the right export is really important to making import orders work for VeggieCropper.

Importing orders might take a minute to sort out but will become second nature once you get rolling.

Check the listed providers for below for details on exporting orders from their platform:





Don't see your platform?
Get in touch and we will add it to the list. Please send us a CSV to Check your CSV export to make sure it lists each item as a unique line and each item line for an order has an order number associated with it. Give us a few days to build out the backend. Until then you can use the VeggieCropper CSV import template and change column headers in your CSV to make them compatible with VeggieCropper.

Importing orders can be tricky to sort out at first, if you get stuck or just don't have the time to troubleshoot - we get it - get in touch. We are happy to help