About Import Orders

Import orders is a flexible pack shed ready solution that allows you to upload CSV files from any service platform and your own creative solutions using simple online forms (check out VeggieCropper's online forms feature if you haven't already)

Imported orders come into the system as open unpacked orders. You can decide if you want to create a harvest list or not for these orders. 

To import orders:

  1. Download your orders in CSV form from your online orders platform in the correct format.
  2. Go to the Harvests page and click on the 'Import' icon on the right beside +Harvest.
  3. Select where you are importing from. If your service provider isn't listed see below.
  4. Select your option for how you want VeggieCropper to handle the orders inside the system.
    1. 'Pack individual orders' creates one pack for each order. This is useful if you are packing specific orders in your pack shed.
    2. 'Combine all orders creates one' order for all of the orders you are going to import to create one packing list for that order.
  5. Select your file and click import.

Your imported order(s) will now organize themselves across all of the harvest tabs as required. Done!

With unsuccessful order imports, you will see a red box at the top of the screen explaining why the CSV import did not work. Get in touch if you can not figure things out right away, we are always here to help.

Troubleshooting: What if I use a platform that isn't listed?  

Good question. Two options:

If  this is a one-off or custom import:
If this is a one-off import from a google form read this document to create your own CSV that will import into VC. Don't forget to ask for our support when you need it.

Imports from a service provider
Since each CSV is unique we customize the import for that service provider's CSV. Send us a CSV of your orders in a packing list type format to lettucehelp@veggiecropper.com and we should have it added with its own button in a few days. It is important that an order with multiple items is listed on multiple lines, each line with the same order number in the CSV.

Reach out any time for help.  


What to do if your import fails with the error: 

The problem here is likely the spreadsheet software and how it auto formats a number when it sees the dollar sign. The solution is usually to remove the dollar sign so the software doesn't try to auto-format it into a currency. Selecting the column and choosing a number format like general may help as well. Email us your csv file if you these solutions don't work and we'll figure it out.

What if my import fails and I can't figure out why?

CSV imports are great for importing exactly what you want into the system, but the downside is they are very picky. If you try 2-3 times and run a muck importing, e-mail us the CSV you were trying to import and a screenshot or description of the error you encountered and we will get back to you as soon as we can.