About Supplies

You can find the Supplies list by clicking on the More... menu at the top of the screen and then clicking Supplies.

Supplies is a list of all of the supplies you have added to each crop. The supply amount is based on the bed feet in your plantings for that crop and will update as you build and edit your crop plan.

This list is fully sortable and includes custom filters and quick access to Totals by clicking on the Calculator icon.

How Organize your Supply order:

  1. Click on the 'Calculated amount' to see and double-check a breakdown of how much of that supply is needed for each crop. 
  2. If desired add a 'Safety Factor' by clicking on the pencil icon on the far right of a supply. The safety factor will increase the calculated amount by the given percentage.
  3. By clicking on the pencil icon you can also add a source, item number, format, quantity and price.  

Required fields to populate your Supplies list:

  • Crop > Plantings tab > At least one Planting including:
    • 'Field week'
    • 'Bed feet'