About the Notes in Field pages

Each field has a 'Field Note' where you can attach files, pictures and add notes. Field notes are visible and can be edited by clicking the notebook icon on the 'Fields' page. These notes can accept images (png or jpg) and hyperlinks.

Adding Pictures & Files

Pictures must be JPG or PNG files and less than one 1 mg (1000 KB)

To add either:

  1. Drag and drop the picture icon into the window
  2. Click on the paperclip icon and select the file 

Screenshots can be 'pasted' into the window on some computers

Using Hyperlinks

  • Use the  'http://www.' prefix before a website address to make sure it works
  • Links to specific pages in your VeggieCropper account can also be put here for quick reference
  • Any list page with filter fields at the top can be linked with pre-loaded filters. To do this:
      1. Set the combination of filters you want
      2. Click the down arrow for more filters 
      3. Click the link (chain) icon (on the right side) to copy the link to your clipboard
      4. Paste this link into a document or as a hyperlink and you're done!

Use dates

Include a date with field journal information entries so you can refer to them in the future. Yep, these notes copy when you duplicate this season to start planning next year.