How to assign Crew to Tasks, Harvests and Packs

Assigning Crew to a Task, Harvest or Pack helps keep everything organized for both you and your team. 

By assigning Crew, you can have personalized to-do lists for everyone on your farm.  This can help minimize wasted communication time, clarify expectations and increases accountability.

Only one Crew member can be assigned for each Task, Harvest or Pack.  If you have a larger crew and work in groups, you might assign a crew lead or manager who is responsible for a larger 

Assigning Crew to individual Tasks, Harvests & Packs:

  1. Go to the current or all tabs of Tasks or Harvests pages
  2. Choose the Task, Harvest or Pack you would like to assign someone to
  3. Click the '...' at the far right of the row
  4. Use the Crew dropdown to select the Crew member you would like to assign
  5. Click 'Save'

Assigning Crew using Bulk Edit in Tasks, Harvests and Packs:

  1. Select a Current or All tab on your Tasks or Harvests page
  2. Using the square check box, select each row you want to bulk edit or simply click the check box in the top row to select all rows
  3. Click the edit pencil above the top row
  4. Use the Crew dropdown to select the Crew member you would like to assign. Leaving a field blank will mean that field will be left unchanged
  5. Click 'Save'

Assigning Crew to Tasks by default using Crop Tasks: 

  1. Click the More... menu in the navbar and click Crop Tasks
  2. Select the Crop Task you would like to assign a Crew member to.
  3. Use the Crew dropdown to select the default Crew member for this Crop Task.
  4. Click 'Save' 
This Crew member will now be automatically assigned whenever this Crop Task has an associated Task. The crew member can also be changed by bulk edit or individually on the Tasks page. See below.

Assign vs Timestamp 

Whenever a Task, Order, Harvest or Pack is completed, the user who completed it and the time the task was completed are recorded. This is called the timestamp.  This timestamp can be viewed by hovering the mouse over the completed task or harvest.

The user recorded in the timestamp is the user who completed the tasks and does not have to be the same person that was assigned to the task.

Timestamps are for record-keeping only and do not impact any calculations in VeggieCropper