How to use Priority in Tasks

Adding a Task priority (1 high, 5 low) allows you to sort Tasks as you see fit and keep everyone on the most important tasks at hand. 

Priority is easy to adjust, don't get too hung up on numbers, make an estimation and go for it, your efforts will be generously rewarded with less grunt work thinking.

On the Summary tab, the plantings for each summarized task are listed be priority and if no priority is set then by task date.  

Change Individual Task Priority levels on the Tasks List:

  1. Click the small circle on the right (1-5) for each task you want to prioritize
  2. Reload the page or click the magnifying glass to see your changes right away. Done!

Change Task Priority levels using Bulk Edit on the Tasks List

  1. Select the squares beside the tasks you want to edit together
  2. Click the edit pencil at the top of the list of tasks
  3. Set the Priority level (existing priority levels will be overwritten)
  4. Click 'Save' Done!