About Fields list

You can find the Fields list by clicking on Fields at the top of the screen.

The Fields list is where you can find all of the Fields you have created. 

VeggieCropper considers a Field to be a collection of Beds. Even on the smallest farms, it is best to break your farm down into multiple Fields with a manageable number of Beds in each field. 

You can add, edit, duplicate, and delete each individual field (owner/manager only).  Clicking on the Field name takes you to the field-specific page where you can add beds and add assign plantings.

The foldable map icon displays the timeline field map for that field.

Each field has a Notes icon on the Fields list (click in navbar) where you can attach files, pictures and create notes. These notes can accept images (png or jpg) and hyperlinks.

How to Add Fields and Beds:

  1. From the Fields list, click the '+ Field' button on the top right of the list.
  2. Enter the 'Field name', 'Number of beds' and the optional 'Standard bed length'.  
  3. Click 'Save' and your Field is ready to assign Plantings to.
  4. From the Field page you can manually add or remove beds and adjust bed lengths as needed.