About the individual field pages

This page is where you can assign plantings to a bed, duplicate a field or delete a field.

Mapping your Plantings is easy. Each Field is made up of multiple beds and each bed can be assigned any number of plantings.

Once you have mapped all of your Plantings, all generated Tasks related to a Planting will be assigned a Location so everyone knows where to go. Locations can also be assigned to Harvests, allowing for increased traceability and reducing and improving communication with your crew.

Creating a field

  1. If you haven't created a Field yet, click '+ Field' on the Fields page (in navbar). 
  2. Add a field name and a general idea of the number of beds and their average length. You can update these later.

How to map Plantings to an existing field:

  1. Click '+ Bed' and enter the length of that bed.  Bed length is optional.
  2. Click '+ Planting' and select a planting from the dropdown.  As long as you've created plantings all ready you will see the Planting start and end dates as well as how many bed feet are left to map. 
  3. Enter the number of bed feet to assign to this Planting, for this specific Bed.
  4. Continue as needed and click 'Save' to save your work.
  5. Click the map icon beside the edit pencil to show a detailed timeline map.
  6. Close the modal by clicking on the 'X' in the top right
  7. Continue adding beds and plantings as needed.

Note: You can move beds around the field on a desktop (not available on mobile view) to rearrange things or drag in an empty bed to where you need one by grabbing the icon on the left of the bed with eight dots.

'Length ft.' - The total length of your bed.  This is optional but can be helpful, especially if your fields have different beds lengths.

'Planting' - The Planting you want to assign to this particular bed.  

'Bed ft.' - The amount of a Planting's bed feet that you want to assign to this bed.


  • If you don't get to mapping your plantings ahead of time, map them after the fact so you can see where your tasks go.
  • Greenhouses - most people create a separate Field for each greenhouse
  • Tunnel' plantings in a field - consider creating a new crop named  'Tomato - Tunnel'. This crop name (with "- Tunnel" in it) will show when you assign this crop in the middle of the field where your tunnel is. It's enough of a reminder to the crew that the crop is in a tunnel and keeps your field organized as well.
  • Each time a Planting is assigned to a bed VeggieCropper will re-calculate how many bed feet of the Planting remain to be mapped.  This makes it easy to keep track when trying to sort out where everything goes in your Fields.
    • If you are double cropping a bed, you will have to calculate bed feet manually to make sure everything fits just right 
  • Duplicating a field also copies the plantings that were assigned to that field. This is useful when rotating a block when your crop plan is similar year to year. 
    • Changes to existing planting dates and bed feet on the plantings tab for plantings that are assigned a location are updated automatically in fields. 
    • A deleted planting on the plantings tab on a crop-specific page, will be deleted from the beds it is assigned to. These beds will appear blank.